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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you train the dog or do we learn how to train our dog?

During the training sessions we are both training the dog AND dog owner. While it is important that your dog understands how to behave during the training session, it is vital that you, the dog owner, are also able to replicate this behavior when the session is over. It is necessary for the dog owners to be consistent with the training and learn how to problem solve and maintain their dog’s training for his/her lifetime.

How long is the training process?

On average, our clients are happy with the training after 4 sessions with Key To Happy Dogs. Some dogs with minor behavioral issues or dogs who pick up the training quickly may only need 3 sessions while other dogs may need 5 or 6. The most important part of the training is being patient with the training process and being able to dedicate to these sessions to help both you and your dog. Creating good habits takes time.

What makes Key To Happy Dogs training different from the other trainers?

Key To Happy Dogs focuses on the mindset of the dog and teaching them to be calm in all kinds of situations. We are unique because we do not focus our training around high-pitched word commands or treats. We want dogs to learn to behave politely for YOU and not for what is in your pocket. Our kind of training has proven again and again that it works and truly is the key to happy dogs!


Is it too early to train my dog?​​

Puppies are never too young to be trained. It is important to teach puppies that there are rules, boundaries, and limitations as soon as they arrive to your home at 8 weeks old. It is also important to reward good behavior and set them up for success. Key To Happy Dogs covers crate training, potty training, leash training, and how to prevent future bad behaviors. We will also explain to you and your family the importance of understanding dog psychology and how it differs from human psychology.


Is it too late to train my dog?

Absolutely not! Key To Happy Dogs has trained many dogs of many ages. Dogs live in the moment so it is not impossible to teach them new rules. Older dogs that need training often have bad habits and the focus would be to remove those habits and replace them with better ones! There is no reason to not go forward with training because of your dog's age.


Do you train every breed and with any behavioral issue?

Key To Happy Dogs does not discriminate and we have never turned down a dog because of its breed. It is important not to blame the breed of the dog. Bad behavior is usually created from the environment. 


We do not offer training for aggressive cases. If you need a recommendation for a trainer to help with aggression, we will gladly send you information on great trainers in the area.

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