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5.0 Star Rated
Dog Training
in South Florida

Holding Paw

Head Trainer

Camila Barrionuevo, Key To Happy Dog's head trainer, has spent years studying dog psychology and knows how to train puppies and older dogs to be polite and respectful canines. She has experience of handling thousands of dogs during the past decade.

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Puppy Training

We help new puppy owners with potty training, crate training, leash training, and guidance to prevent future bad habits and behavior. We will educate you and your family on dog psychology and how to raise your puppy to become the best companion!

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Behavior Modification

We focus on removing unwanted behavior and improving the relationship you have with your dog. After training with us, you will be able to have more control over your dog’s behavior and trust him/her more in different situations and environments.


Happy Owner


"My do​g was so out of control until Key to Happy Dogs came into our lives. We are truly grateful for all the help we have gotten from Camila she is amazing and so good with our dog. If you are having any trouble with your dog don’t hesitate to call Camila at Key to Happy Dogs. Thank you for everything." 

-Donna Reisman

Watch Before and After Training Here

About Our Training

We offer in-home training sessions so that you are able to set your dog up for success in the comfort of your own home. It is important for everyone that is part of the dog’s life to participate in the training so that you are all on the same page and not confusing the dog. This training is centered around 4 principal steps to change your dog's unwanted behaviors. Our clients see a huge change in their dog’s behavior after just 4 sessions with us! We also train any dog breed, size, or age!

Key To Happy Dogs will help you and your dog live a happy and more strutured life together. This training concentrates on rebuilding or improving your relationship with your dog. We will help you understand the psychology behind your dog's behavior and teach you how to prevent future bad behavior. We will transform your dog into a calm and polite canine that will look up to you for direction through the process of our training and relationship-building activities.

Dog with Leash

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Happy Owner

"Thank you so much Camila! You definitely have the ‘Key To Happy Dogs’!! Finn has come such a long way since we started teaching him your methods to listen better and follow instruction. He’s much calmer and we’re all definitely happier (even the cat!) since we started your training sessions. Thanks a million for your expertise, great advice, and professionalism."

-Sandy Manzari, owner of Finn

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